Statue Of JESUS Moves Head During Mass02:23

Published on August 24, 2017

Statue Of JESUS Moves Head During Mass

Breaking news from a church may very well prove that God is real and is somewhere out there, watching over all of us. A crowd of churchgoers thought they were attending a normal Mass proceeding, but they were, in fact, in for a miraculous surprise. And what’s best is that everything was recorded on camera by one of the churchgoers!

Video evidence showcases the father of the church solemnly standing in front of the church’s cross. As the video plays out, a small but perceptible movement of the statue’s head, that of Jesus Christ, can be detected by viewers. To the amazing surprise of the onlookers, it seemed as though the statue had gained life for a few seconds, and tilted its head down and to the side as if to acknowledge the faith from the bystanders.

Upon enhancing the quality of the video footage, it can be even easier to discern that the statue’s head was in fact moving. One churchgoer described the scene as “Miraculous and divine, absolute proof that God exists and is out there watching over us.” The father went further and declared that the church was “Property of the divine and holy in nature, ” and that it should be “protected and loved at all costs because God showed Himself there.”

Some skeptics have shown disbelief and have started to mount a research party to check for any human interference at work. However, religious authorities had all but thrown them to the side of the road, and other neighboring churches have shown complete support that the event that took place there is divine and holy in nature. A cardinal from the Vatican attested to this and are considering officializing the event as divine.

There is even speculation that the Pope may consider making an official statement as to what happened at the church. There is no doubt that the repercussions of this event will be enormous for both believers and skeptics for many years to come.


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